ISFS Project Documentation is available online for most projects. For each project listed there is a link to the project report, table of variables, field logbook, data links, and a contact person.

The project reports contain a description of the field site, instrumentation configuration, and data processing steps. For some projects, there are also plots of weather conditions, fluxes, etc.

The field logbook has all information logged by ISF staff and visitors before, during, and after the field campaign. Each entry is indexed by time, location, type (e.g. sensor), and author.

Data available online include 5-minute average statistics (through 4th-order moments for turbulence variables) of all quantities measured. For some projects, "raw" time series of every sample from each sensor also are available. These are processed using the calibrations that are current at the time of download -- users are encouraged to check with ISFS staff for the status of these calibrations.