CSET Science Meeting, June 2016

NOTE: The presentations are password protected for CSET Investigators only. For access, please contact the Principal Investigators listed in the CSET Contacts Section below.


For a PDF of one of the following presentations, click on the corresponding title. In some cases a PowerPoint Slideshow is also available (for presentations that contained embedded video) as well as a PDF version. A PowerPoint viewer can be downloaded from Microsoft.


Tuesday, 14 June 2016
0830-0840 Welcome (Vanda Grubišić)
0840-0845 Opening remarks (Bruce Albrecht, Lou Lussier)
0845-1030 Instrument Performance and Evaluation
  In-situ measurements (clouds, aerosols, state parameters, etc.) (Lou Lussier)
  Variability in CDP calibration during CSET (Jorgen Jenson)
  CSET In Situ Chemical Trace Gas Data (Teresa Campos)
  Status of Radiometer Data Processing from CSET (Julie Haggerty)
  HCR Vr and Z Data Quality (Wen-Chau Lee)
  HCR and HSRL data quality and retrieved microphysical scientific products from remote measurements (J. (Vivek) Vivekanandan)
  CSET Dropsonde Data Debrief  (Terry Hock)
1030-1045 Break
  CSET HOLODEC – Holographic Detector for Clouds  (Jacob Fugal)
  CSET Web Site & Data Management  (Linda Echo-Hawk)
1045-1200 Data Analysis Discussions
  Exploration of CSET high-rate data (Chris Bretherton - telecon)
  Some Initial Results from the HCR and HSRL during CSET (Chris Schwartz, Ed Eloranta)
  Radiometers Update (Paquita Zuidema)
  Satellite cloud retrievals over the Northeast Pacific and research results relevant to CSET (David Painemal)
  HOLODEC at CSET (Susanne Glienke)
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1400 EOL Seminar: Overview of CSET Operations and Initial Findings - [PPSX] (Bruce Albrecht)
1415-1700 Science Discussions
  Downstream Evolution (Hans Mohrmann, Virendra Ghate)
      Lagrangian Evolution in CSET with GOES (Hans Mohrmann) 
      Progress on CSET Analysis (Virendra Ghate)
  Process Studies (Rob Wood, Virendra Ghate, Paquita Zuidema, Bruce Albrecht)
      Ultra-clean Layers (UCLs) and Low albedo Clouds in the Marine Boundary Layer
    (Kuan-Ting (Andy) O)
      Ultra-clean layers and low albedo ("grey") clouds in CSET (Rob Wood)
      RF06-07 Case Study, July 17-19
      Mesoscale organization
  Case Studies (Paquita Zuidema)
  Modeling Studies (Rob Wood)


Wednesday, 15 June 2016
0830-1000 Finish science talks and discussion as needed
1000-1015 Break
1015-1200 Outline and Discuss Integrative and Collaborative Studies (papers)
      Overview Paper (general, BAMS)
      Overview Paper (science, ACP?)
  Identify proposed work and publication efforts
1200-1215 Action Items/Wrap-up