University of Washington Photo Gallery

This gallery features highlights from the University of Washington's FIRE-ACE-SHEBA photo gallery. To see the complete gallery, please visit

Arctic Historical Site
Arctic Coast Behind Polar Haven Espresso
DOE Site As Viewed From NOAA Site
Naval Arctic Research Laboratory
Art Rangno & Hermann Gerber
Bob Eatwell was a top notch engineer whose skills kept the Convair-580 in the air on many an occasion.
Left pylon strength test
Jack Russell contemplating work on the chem station. Jack passed away about two months after this photo was taken by Steve Domonkos.
Don Spurgeon & Tim Garrett
Tim Garrett, Pat Marsley, Tami Beitzel take a look at Art holding a camera.
Don Spurgeon & Bob Eatwell at the King Eider Hotel in Barrow, Alaska.
Don and Pieter at the King Eider Hotel in Barrow, Alaska.
Jason Li on the CV580
The group.
Skull of Bull Head Whale at NARL
Suzie Young in the jaws of aforementioned whale
Suzie Young changes her mind about walking home
Safeway in Barrow, Alaska. (It seems odd that the Barbie paraphenalia is shelved right next to the guns and bullets. "I'll take a Barbie soccer outfit, some pretend make-up, and a fully loaded 357 magnum, please.... Yes, a plastic bag will be fine.")
Tami Beitzel in front of the dredge in Barrow, Alaska.

The nightly discussion around the King Eider fireplace
Michael King & Peter Hobbs
SPEC CPI maintenance. Flown out of Barrow, Alaska. It's about 27° F with a 15-25 mph NE wind. Fingers were brutalized here.
CV580 on the move
Hotel "Luxury" Shuttle Bus