Studies of Temperature Measurements on the GV

This page contains information related to temperature measurements on the NSF/NCAR GV. The content includes information on needed reprocessing (summer 2014) and on calibration procedures.

  • Memo re reprocessing: This long memo contains relatively complete information including items from some of the documents below. It includes tables listing calibration coefficients to use for processing temperature for GV projects prior to 2012.
  • Guide to using This document explains how to fit the Callendar - Van Dusen equation to measurements from a bath cal.
  • LAMS study re T. This paper in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions contains a section on calibration of temperature using the LAMS. See Section 5 starting on p. 2604.
  • CONTRAST study re T (31 March 2014). This discusses the temperature problems in CONTRAST and proposes a solution, based on the LAMS calibration technique.
  • Info on caledit program and database
  • /scr/raf/cjw/projects/XXX/GV_N667F/nidas/default.xml --Link to xml database
  • /scr/raf/cjw/projects/Configuration/raf/cal_files -- other cal database