RICO Data Workshop, June 2005

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Monday, 27 June 2005
08:30 Welcome and Overview Rauber and Stevens
10:00 Break  
10:30 RICO Data Management Status Update Williams
11:00 Images from Barbuda Knight
11:15 RICO S-PolKa Radar Data Availability and QA Rilling
11:45 Barbuda PAM Station Oncley
12:00 Lunch  
13:00 RICO NCAR Dropsonde and Radiosonde Data J. Wang
13:30 Status of RICO Satellite Data G. Stossmeister
14:00 Ground Stations  
  Overview of Ground-Based Aerosol Measurements during RICO: Antigua and Puerto Rico Mayol-Bracero
  Aerosol Particle Processing and Removal by Clouds and Precipitation in Puerto Rico: Preliminary Results from East Peak Raga/Baumgardner
  Leeds Ground Site (Antigua - Dian Point) Brown
14:30 Break  
15:00 King Air  
  UWKA in RICO Rodi
  Quick-Look Results of In-Cloud Intercomparison Between C-130 and King Air, December 19, 2004 Flight Vali
  Co-Location of Aircraft and Radar Data (PDF) Vali
15:45 R/V Seward Johnson  
  R/V Seward Johnson Operations During RICO Kollias/Zuidema
  RICO Doppler Lidar Measurements (PDF) Brewer
16:30 BAE-146  
  BAE-146 Instrument and Data Summary Brown
  Preliminary Comparison Between 146 and C-130 Data From RICO flight 23 Jan 2005 Abel
  Problems Associated with Measuring In-Cloud Temperatures Abel
17:15 Adjourn  
Tuesday, 28 June 2005
08:00 C-130  
  RICO C-130 Instrumentation Performance Review and Data Summary Schanot
  Digital Imagery Beaton
  RF06 Flight Video (YouTube) Beaton
09:15 Chemistry  
  Campos Instruments (TEI and Fast-Response Ozone, CO, and TDL Water Vapor) Campos
  Dimethyl Sulfide and Sulfur Dioxide (PDF) Thornton
  Hydrogen Peroxide and Methylhydroperoxide Measurements in RICO O'Sullivan
10:00 Break  
10:30 Aerosol  
  RAF Aerosol Data Rogers
  Individual Particle Studies Anderson
  Anderson Futureometers Anderson
  DRI CCN Spectrometers Hudson
  Status of CVI Measurements from RICO Twohy
11:15 Microphysics  
  RAF Cloud Particle Data Rogers
  Fast-FSSP Measurements Burnet
  Phase Doppler Data Summary Chuang
  Accuracy of LWC and dN/dD (C-130)? Gerber
  Particle Concentration Vs. Wind Speed Plots Marile
  SPEC RICO Instruments: CPI and 2D-S Baker
12:15 Lunch  
13:15 PI Analysis Goals  
  Topics of Scientific Study Rogers
  Individual Particle Studies Anderson
  Analysis Plans - SJ Researchers Albrecht
  Our Interests at Purdue University Lasher-Trapp
  Current Focus RICO Goals Baker
  Leeds Science Goals Blyth
  RICO: Met Office Science Aims Brown
  Thornton Goals (PDF) Thornton
14:30 Break  
15:00 PI Analysis Goals Continued  
16:00 RICO Discussion and Future Meetings (PDF) Rauber and Stevens
16:30 Summary and Closing Rauber and Stevens
17:00 Adjourn Meeting