RAF Access

If you require RAF access during the upload, test flight, or download period please follow these instructions to obtain a badge.  This badge is required for entry to the building and hangars.


If you are not an NCAR employee and do not have a badge:

1) Enter information about the reason for your visit on the RAF Access Form. Once you submit you will be shown a link to a website at which you are required to watch a security video.  Here you will need to enter your name and a passcode.  The passcode is 1081.


2) Send a photograph of yourself, facing the camera (passport style) in any image format, with the file named with your name to Cory Wolff.



If you are an NCAR employee or have a badge from a previous project:

Please complete Step 1 above and then send the five digit badge number (located on the front of the ID) to Cory Wolff so that we can update the system with the proper access clearances.