ORCAS Operations Team

EOL is actively involved in the overall project planning and implementation activities for the ORCAS field campaign to the deployment in Punta Arenas. EOL will provide project management support, as well as bilingual support, a field catalog, data management and education and outreach support leading up to and through the field campaign.

Aircraft Project Managers EOL/RAF Pilots
  • Vidal Salazar
  • Cory Wolff
  • Lee Baker
  • Bo LeMay
  • Scotty McClain
  • Ed Ringleman
Research Aviation Facility Technicians Research Aviation Facility Aircraft Mechanics
  • David Allbee
  • John Cowan
  • Kyle Holden
  • Viet Hung Ta
  • Kip Eagan
  • Brent Kidd
  • Jason Morris
  • Aaron Steinbach
Software Engineer Support System Administration Support
  • Janine Aquino
  • Chris Webster
  • Santiago Newbery
Instrument Support Field Catalog Support
  • Stuart Beaton
  • Matt Hayman
  • Jorgen Jensen
  • Mike Reeves
  • Jeff Stith
  • Greg Stossmeister
Forecasting Education and Public Outreach
  • Jim Bresch
  • Martin Hoecker-Martinez
  • Shawn Honomichl
  • Matt Long
  • Uriel Zajaczkovski
  • Alison Rockwell