PREDICT Field Project Services Staff


Brigitte Bauerele :: Manager

Brigitte is the Manager for the Project Management Office within NCAR-s Earth Observing Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado. She oversees a small group of Project Managers who help scientists in the planning, coordination and implementation of scientific field campaigns such as PREDICT. Brigitte and her group work closely with other staff within the laboratory to take care of all the arrangements that need to be in place before the scientists arrive on site to start their research operations. Arrangements can range from high level interactions with funding agencies and embassy personnel to locating heavy equipment and making shipping arrangements. Brigitte has a BS in Science from the University of Tuebingen, Germany and a MS in Oceanography from Oregon State University. She joined NCAR in the early 90ies and after all these years still enjoys her work enormously.

During PREDICT, Brigitte will be one of the Operations Coordinators at the Operations Center in St. Croix and will help out with whatever is needed to make the project successful.

José Meitín :: Project Coordinator

José is the EOL project coordinator for PREDICT and the liaison with the NOAA Intensification Forecasting Experiment (IFEX10) and NASA's Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes (GRIP) collaborative programs. José has been involved in the multi-agency planning for the past year. He will be one of the Operations Directors in St. Croix, USVI and will oversee the day-to-day implementation of PREDICT operations.


Jim Moore :: Project Coordinator

Jim's role in PREDICT has been to help with planning for the last 1.5 years, related to operations coordination, forecasting and aviation operations.  He intends to serve as one of the operations coordinators in St Croix.



Vidal Salazar :: Project Coordinator

Originally from Mexico, Vidal has always been involved in science. He graduated with a bachelor-s degree in Organic Chemistry from the Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila in Northern Mexico. He started working in NCAR in 1996 for a field project that was doing air chemistry and cloud physics research to try to understand the changing patterns of rain and cloud occurrences in northern México. Vidal became fascinated with field work and clouds and aerosols that he decided to pursue a graduate degree in atmospheric sciences. Vidal graduated in the summer of 2000 with a Master-s degree in Astrophysics, planetary and atmospheric sciences from the university of Colorado at Boulder. He started traveling all over the world, helping scientist do research in atmospheric sciences in many disciplines. Vidal hopes to finish his Doctorate degree sometime in the future. His involvement in field projects has been very diverse from working in chemistry, atmospheric, global projects from pole to pole and from continent to continent vidal has collaborated with scientists  to archive the goals of the scientific projects.

Vidal loves to work with scientists, but he thinks that we need to focus on the earlier generation of scientist, so he tries really hard to involve students and early career scientist in field projects so they can too fall in love with the atmosphere.

During his free time, vidal likes to exercise, hike, bike, rock climb and watch movies, he is a techy guy who can not be too far away from his iPhone or computer.  He is an avid player of trivia games. Vidal has a lot of experience in foreign cultures; this makes him a very easy person to approach and to talk to. He can relate to cultural problems because he himself, coming from México, got to experience it. He is the most approachable person you will ever meet, so if you see him in the field, don-t be shy and go and say hi!


Alison Rockwell :: Outreach Coordinator

Alison is the liaison between the incredible science that EOL supports and the greater community, and she's the energy behind the educational videos, social media and the global outreach events. Alison has worked in the outdoor and science education for years, including several years as an Outward Bound instructor and a high school science teacher. Her degrees in environmental biology and secondary science education, as well as 8 years of web development  provide her with solid-footing for her position with EOL. When she's not in the office, you can usually find her on the trails either running or mountain biking. Alison lives in Boulder, CO with her husband and a menagerie of pets.


Shelley Zucker :: Administrative Assistant

Shelley meets the travel and logistical needs of many almost all of the Earth Observing Laboratory field projects. She's been with NCAR for 27 years, and has seen the growth and development of field projects over the years and how they are orchestrated and deployed. Shelley assists with travel arrangements for anyone participating in a field project, including flight plans, hotel reservations, car rentals, arranges for supplies to be delivered to base locations, shipping of equipment and supplies to research locations, as well as numerous other administrative activities within NCAR. On the weekends, Shelley loves to go horseback riding, cycling and playing with her dog.