PLOWS - Mobile ISS
Overview and links related to the Mobile ISS (MISS) deployment for the 2008-2009 phase of the Profiling of Winter Storms (PLOWS) project.

PRE-PLOWS (Profiling of Winter Storms Phase 1) - Mobile ISS

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

February/March 2009

Please follow this link for the 2009-2010 phase of PLOWS

This page holds the data plots and links for the previous phase of PLOWS in which we deployed MISS in February and March 2009. This was the precursor to the larger and longer deployment in the winter of 2009-2010.

Below are links to various plots and log files generated during this first phase of the project.

Data Access

The mobile ISS dataset for the PLOWS project can be accessed through this URL:

See the general overview for ISS datasets for a description of the dataset directory structure. For this particular project, the raw spectral data were converted from the SPC format to NetCDF using the popexam program. Those data are in the spc_nc subdirectory. See the ISS software page for information on downloading and using this software.

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