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AVAPS® Dropsonde System Overview

The NCAR AVAPS® Dropsonde System is a small electronic device that measures vertical profiles of ambient temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed, and wind direction. The parachuted GPS dropsonde is launched from an aircraft and descends to the surface. In-situ data collected from the sonde’s sensors are transmitted back in real time to an onboard aircraft data system via a radio link. The GPS dropsonde is the airborne counterpart to the conventional radiosonde providing a detailed vertical profile of the atmosphere's thermodynamics with winds. Systems are available on the NSF/NCAR aircraft, the University of Wyoming King Air as well as many research aircraft around the world.

Configuration: NSF/NCAR GV, NSF/NCAR C-130, UWY King Air
Number of available systems: 3

NCAR AVAPS Dropsonde System Contact

Dr. Holger Vömel / / (303) 497-8837