Kona Maintenance

RAF Daily Activity Sheet

Project Name: HIPPO-3 Date: 2010/04/12
Aircraft: G-V    Test:    Ferry: Flight Hour Allocation: flexible
Location: Global 2010/03/22 - 2010/04/15
PI: Wofsy / Stephens PM: Pavel Romashkin

Research Flight #: Flight Hrs: Project Total:

Data Summary: 
Data Start Time : UTC Data End Time : UTC

IRU Performance: IRU Serial #: 176
Departure Coordinates: LAT: LON:
Time in Nav: : UTC    
Destination Coordinates: LAT: LON:
Destination Read Out 1: LAT: LON:
Destination Read Out 2: LAT: LON:
Time Off: : UTC    

LAT Error LON Error Nav Time THDG Dest. LAT ERROR

Technician Notes:

Pre-flight RF09 noticed that CDP probe is becoming loose on its mount. Disassembled bottom of the probe, re-tightened one fastener. Need to inspect in Colorado.

Project Manager Notes:

VCSEL - Zondlo worked on.

Time server appears to save last position, inits at Hawaii location.


Shipped 2 AWAS Fedex

6 NWAS Fedex

4 Medusa flask boxes Fedex