ISS Operations at CHEESEHEAD

An ISS (Integrated Sounding System) was deployed to northern Wisconsin for the CHEESEHEAD campaign for 5 months in 2019.  The ISS was located at 45.9458°N, 90.2940°W on a field approx 1 mile west of the WLEF tall tower where a variety of instruments from other groups was deployed.  17 ISFS flux towers were deployed in the surrounding forest. 

The ISS instruments include:

 Radar Wind Profiler  NCAR/EOL 449 MHz Modular Wind Profiler
 Soundings  Vaisala MW41 / RS41 radiosondes
 Sodar-RASS  Metek DSDPA.90-24
 Ceilometer  Vaisala CL51
 Surface Met

 Gill Wind Observer (2D sonic) at 10m
 Lufft WS300 (Temp/RH/Pressure) at 2m
 Vaisala PTB330 (Pressure) at 2m
 HSA Tipping bucket rain gauge
 Lufft WS800 (Wind/Precip/T/RH/P) at 3m

 GPS Integrated Water Vapor  Trimble NetR8 with Vaisala WXT at 2m

 Moonglow Technologies All Sky Cam ASC-N1
 Webcam (Panasonic BL-C140A)

Summary plots from the ISS instruments are available here.

The ISS site also hosted a Montana State University surface energy balance station with 3 m flux tripod and a NOAA / ERSL SURFRAD solar radiation monitoring system.


CONTACT: William Brown