ISS Operations at CHEESEHEAD

An ISS (Integrated Sounding System) was deployed to northern Wisconsin for the CHEESEHEAD campaign for 5 months in 2019.  The ISS was located at 45.9458°N, 90.2940°W on a field approx 1 mile west of the WLEF tall tower where a variety of instruments from other groups was deployed.  17 ISFS flux towers were deployed in the surrounding forest. 

The ISS instruments include:

 Radar Wind Profiler  NCAR/EOL 449 MHz Modular Wind Profiler
 Soundings  Vaisala MW41 / RS41 radiosondes (172)
 Sodar-RASS  Metek DSDPA.90-24
 Ceilometer  Vaisala CL51
 Surface Met

 Gill Wind Observer (2D sonic) at 10m

 Lufft WS300 (Temp/RH/Pressure) at 2m

 Vaisala PTB330 (Pressure) at 2m

 HSA Tipping bucket rain gauge

 Lufft WS800 (Wind/Precip/T/RH/P) at 3m

 GPS Integrated Water Vapor  Trimble NetR8 with Vaisala WXT at 2m

 Moonglow Technologies All Sky Cam ASC-N1

 Webcam (Panasonic BL-C140A)

Summary plots from the ISS instruments are available here.

The facility request for CHEESEHEAD was lead by Ankur Desai of the University of Wisconsin.  The radiosondes were jointly supplied by the LAOF deployment pool and by a University of Wisconsin SPARC proposal lead by Erik Olson and Tim Wagner.

The ISS site also hosted a Montana State University surface energy balance station with 3 m flux tripod and a NOAA / ERSL SURFRAD solar radiation monitoring system.


CONTACT: William Brown