1 April 2019


All CHEESEHEAD participants are encouraged to make their data free and openly available.  Users are hereby granted a license to use data and materials from the CHEESEHEAD Data Archive Center (CDAC), unless otherwise stated, subject to the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (

By using or downloading materials from the CDAC, the user agrees to the terms and conditions set forth in this document. Data, materials or software included or linked from archives external to CDAC, are subject to their own specific terms of use, licensing and copyrights. In the absence of specific terms of use, the terms of use set out in this CDAC data policy shall apply. The burden of determining that the use of any data, materials or software on or linked to the CDAC is permissible rests with the user.

Note that all NCAR/EOL datasets will follow the EOL Data Policy.

Data Access and Acknowledgement

  1. All investigators participating in CHEESEHEAD agree to promptly submit their final Quality Controlled data to the CHEESEHEAD Data Archive Center (CDAC) or associated data archive center(s) at the latest by 11 April 2020 (six months after the end of the CHEESEHEAD Field Project Deployment) to facilitate inter-comparison of results, quality control checks and inter-calibrations, as well as an integrated interpretation of the combined dataset.

  2. All data shall be promptly provided to other CHEESEHEAD investigators upon request. All CHEESEHEAD investigators will have equal access to all data.

  3. Investigator(s) who collected the data must be notified first of the intent to use the data, in particular if data is to be provided to a third party (e.g., journal articles, presentations, research proposals, other investigators). Investigator permissions and requirements must be met prior to sharing data publicly. It is strongly encouraged that PIs responsible for acquisition of data be invited to become collaborators and co-authors on any projects, publications and presentations. If the contribution of the data product is significant to the publication, the PIs responsible for generating a measurement or a data product should be offered the right of co-authorship. Any use of the data should include an acknowledgment (i.e., citation). In all circumstances, the PIs responsible for acquisition of data should be acknowledged appropriately. Users of the data are strongly encouraged to contact the relevant PIs prior to incorporating it into peer-reviewed publications.

  4. International agencies, professional societies, and research organizations are moving towards requiring researchers to formally cite data and sources that led to a given research result. To support this, DOIs or Digital Object Identifiers (considered “perpetual” identifiers) will be assigned to final datasets housed within the CDAC. These DOIs should be used in CHEESEHEAD related publications. DOIs will not be created for preliminary data in the CDAC.

  5.  Additional details regarding the data provider responsibilities, author acknowledgements, preliminary data storage and data to be produced can be found in the CHEESEHEAD Data Management Plan.
Event Deadline
End of Field Campaign 11 October 2019
Final Data Submission Deadline 11 April 2020