Imaging & Photography

Forward Camera

Anyone can access the forward looking camera images by access the HIPPO V Field Catalog. A forward looking camera mounted under the right wing of the aircraft takes both images and high-resolution video throughout each flight. In the image to the right, the camera is the dark circle located between the two instruments.

Once you have clicked on the link above to the Field Catalog and are on the Research Products page, select the date(s) for which you would like to the images from the under-wing forward looking camera, and then click retrieve products.

From the results page, either an image from a specific time can be selected, or the image loop of all of the images taken from that days flight may be selected by clicking on the small video camera icon.

The forward looking camera also takes high resolution video of each flight. You can see many of the condensed flight videos from previous HIPPO missions on the HIPPO Video Gallery page, just like the one below.