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tundra_sq.jpgSwinging CO2 Levels Show the Earth is 'Breathing' More Deeply
08 August 2013
GV_RarotongaCientistas fazem mapeamento inedito de gases na atmosfera
eco Noticias
16 September 2011
20110909_hippo_arctic_sq.jpgPole-to-Pole Research Flights Document Greenhouse Gases
Environment News Service
9 September 2011
HIPPO_PR_09.07.11First Global Portrait of Greenhouse Gases Emerges from Pole-to-Pole Flights
7 September 2011

Fifth and Final Pole-to-Pole Aircraft Study of Greenhouse Gases is Underway NOAA: Earth Systems Research Laboratory 8 August, 2011

NCAR_PublicationHIPPO Takes to the Skies: Measuring Earth's Atmospheric Constituents
NCAR Publications
20 June 2011
NOAAFourth Pole-to Pole Airborne Study of Greenhouse Gases and Black Carbon
NOAA :: Earth Systems Research Laboratory 16 June 2011
HIPPO_Roy_ScoHIAPER Pole-to-Pole Observations
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society
15 April 2011
copy_of_India_burning.jpgThe Final Climate Frontiers
Science News
4 December 2010

NZST125cover.jpg New Zealand Association of Science Teachers
Issue 125 :: 2010

news.2010.hippo.jpgJet Reveals Atmosphere's Secrets
18 August 2010
UOW_News.jpgHIPPO fly-past measures CO2 from Wollongong as part of a global mission
University of Wollongong
27 November 2009

poletopole.jpgPole-to-Pole air trek collects valuable air samples
25 November 2009

hiaper_f1_sq.jpg Greenhouse Gas Probe
12 November 2009

niwa_plane_2.jpg US research plane measures gas over Otago
11 November 2009
nz3video.pngScientists in Christchurch to sample our atmosphere
11 November 2009

NZ_outreach_sq.jpgUS jet tests gas levels in sweep of NZ atmosphere
11 November 2009

RarotongaBiomassBurning_sq.jpgTesting Our Air
Cook Islands Herald
11 November 2009
1bcff6482558d764fc90.jpgIs it a bird? a plane? No, it's a low flying hippo
10 November 2009
20110909_hippo_arctic_sq.jpgUS Scientists Measure Gases Over Central Otago
Otago Daily Times
10 November 2009
HIPPO_Reuters_India_sq.jpgHow Scientists Are Trying to Solve the Carbon Riddle
Reuters - India
9 November 20009

NCAR.jpg Global Warming Study To Take To The Sky
CBS 4 Denver
5 November 2009

haipermoonandlead.jpgFlying HIPPO!
The Polar Field Services Newsletter
4 November 2009

hiaper_f1_sq.jpgFlying to the ends of the Earth to measure greenhouse gases
4 November 2009

11439367_BG1.jpg Plane sampling atmosphere lands in Anchorage after Arctic flight
NBC 2 Anchorage
3 November 2009

hippo2_300.jpgNOAA Scientists Fly to the Ends of the Earth to Measure Greenhouse Gases
2 November 2009
HIPPO_Ch4.pngMission to Curb Global Warming to take Flight
CBS 4 Denver
25 October 2009
DC_Pavel_sq.jpgNCAR research jet ready for takeoff
Boulder Daily Camera
24 October 2009
brr.jpgSampling While Soaring
The Polar Field Services Newsletter
23 October 2009


HIPPO_PR_09.07.11On the Trail of Greenhouse Gases
CBS News
27 March 2009
HIPPO_jettingtheirwaytoabetterunderstandingofglobalwarming_1.jpgJetting Their Way to a Better Understanding of Global Warming
Scientific American
30 January 2009
hiaper_f1_sq.jpgScientists Fly Pole-to-Pole to Map Atmosphere
Red Orbit
30 January 2009
HIPPO_Reuters_sq.jpgPole-to-Pole Flight Finds CO2 Piling Up Over Arctic
30 January 2009
HIPPO_Wofsy_sq.jpgScientists Aboard High Tech Jet Sample CO2 Pole-to-Pole
Environment News Service
30 January 2009
HIPPO_1_Flight_Track_sq.jpgFirst Glimpse of Greenhouse Gases Come Into View
30 January 2009
20110909_hippo_arctic_sq.jpgPole-to-Pole Flights Provide First Global Picture of Greenhouse Gases
UCAR AtmosNews
29 January 2009
hamish_chisholm_launches_a_balloon_at_the_lauder_sq.jpgNIWA in Global CO2 Project
Otago Daily Times
22 January 2009
HIPPO_Britt_News_sq.jpgMission Aims to Better Understand Climate Change
19 January 2009
hiaper_f1_sq.jpgHIPPO Mission Launches to Tracks Greenhouse Gas
Flight Global 
15 January 2009
HIPPO_PR_09.07.11Jet Used to Improve CO2 Measures
The Harvard Crimson
11 January 2009
news.2010.hippo.jpgHarvard's "Hippo" Jet Heads to Poles Sampling Greenhouse Gases
8 January 2009
GV_RarotongaGlobal Warming Studied From Research Jet
United Press International (UPI)
8 January 2009

hiaper_f1_sq.jpgScientists Take Off on Historic Mission to Measure Greenhouse Gases That Have an Impact On Climate
National Science Foundation
7 January 2009