HIPPO III Research Flight 03 - Alaska to Hawaii
March 29, 2010

The NSF/NCAR GV took off from the Anchorage Airport and headed west to Cold Bay, where they did a missed approach at the Cold Bay Airport, a main commercial center of the Aleutian Islands. From there, they banked around to the south and headed for Hawaii, and warmer weather. Along the way they did 7 dips (see Google earth flight track in image above) reaching altitudes of just over 500 feet above the ocean surface to heights of 41,000 feet.


Appraoching Cold Bay, AK

Cold Bay, AK

                      Cold Bay, AK

Low dip over Pacific Ocean

HIPPO crew taking time to stretch!

   Appraoching the Big Island, HI

Clouds over Hawaii

Mauna Loa (background)
Mona Kea (foreground), HI

Warm weather!
Hawaiian Coast


VIDEO: RF03 Forward Looking Camera