HIPPO II: Flight 04 - Kona, HI to Rarotonga, CI

November 7, 2009

The GV flew from Kona, Hawaii to Rarotonga, Cook Islands, after completing RF04 (Research Flight #4) with 8 dips along the way, last dip being 100 miles east of America Samoa. You can see the 8 dips and the flight path in the image above from Google Earth.

Explore all of the days' images from the NSF/NCAR GV's forward-camera that is mounted under the left wing.

Despite the rain, the HIPPO crew is still planning on having an outreach event where close to 20 people are expected to attend to learn more about the HIPPO project and the modified GV.

The image to the left was taken as the NSF/NCAR GV was approaching Rarotonga, and you can see plumes of pollution from the biomass burning on the island.

Rarotonga is a very friendly destination for aircraft operations. The hotel is right on the beach and very good; internet connectivity is not very fast and costs extra but not unreasonable. All groups are able to get online for data submissions. The pool is full of kids playing and getting wet from both the pool water and pouring rain.

The next stop is Christchurch, with departure from Rarotonga Monday, November 9 at 1000 and approximately 7 hour flight duration.