DYNAMO S-PolKa Participants

This is meant to be a comprehensive list of only those individuals who were present at S-PolKa during DYNAMO. A more comprehensive Project List may be found at the DYNAMO Home Page.

This list is organized by major category, and alphabetical within a category.



  • Courtney Schumacher, SMART-R PI (Texas A&M)
  • Robert A. Houze, Jr., S-PolKa PI (UW)
  • Paquita Zuidema, Radiometer PI (UM)
  • Chidong Zhang, DYNAMO PI (UM)
  • Brenda Dolan, Scientist (CSU)
  • Scott Powell (UW)
  • Casey Burleyson
  • Kaustav Chakravarty, University of Calcutta
  • Zhujun Li
  • Deanna Hence
  • Hannah Barnes
  • Kristen Rasmussen
  • Stacy Brodzik


Visitors and Local Support


  • Eric DeWeaver, NSF
  • Sue Schauffler, EOL Dirctor's Office


NCAR DYNAMO Project Staff


  • Jose Meitin, Field Project Support
  • Jim Moore, Field Project Support
  • Alison Rockwell, EOL Education and Outreach
  • Greg Stossmeister, Field Catalog and Data Management


NCAR S-PolKa Support Staff


  • Jeff Bobka, Logistics, Set-up and Tear-down
  • Chris Burghart, Software Engineer
  • Mike Dixon, Lead Software Engineer
  • Maureen Donovan, Facility Administrator
  • Scott Ellis, Radar Science and Project Manager
  • Jonathan Emmett, Radar Technician and Operator
  • Rich Erickson, Radar Technician and Operator
  • Bryan Gales, Radar Technician and Operator
  • Paloma Farias Gutierrez, Radar Engineer
  • John Hubbert, Radar Science
  • Tammy Kepple, Facility Administrative Assistant
  • WenChau Lee, Radar Science and Facility Manager
  • Eric Loew, Radar Engineer
  • Mike Paxton, Computer Networking and Sys Admin
  • Al Phinney, Radar Technician and Operator
  • Bob Rilling, Radar Data Management and Science Support
  • Jose Rivas, Set-up and Tear-down
  • Mike Strong, Radar Technician and Operator
  • Peisang Tsai, Radar Engineer
  • Joe VanAndel, Software Engineer
  • J. Vivekanandan, Radar Science
  • Tammy Weckwerth, Radar Science


S-PolKa Contracted Support


  • Grant Gray, Radar Engineer (CS)
  • Gordon Farquharson, Radar Engineer (CS)
  • Joe Vinson, Radar Technician and Computer Support (CS)




  • PI = Principal Investigator
  • UW = University of Washington
  • UM = University of Miami
  • CS = Contracted Support


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