Current schedule

Monday 3/6: Maintenance day, power and access from 0730 to 1630.

Tuesday 3/7: Maintenance day, power and access from 0730 to 1630. RF06 planning meeting at 1100 (to decide whether we want to fly on Thursday or on Friday, and whether there are any objectives left at that point other than those already discussed).

Wednesday 3/8: EMI / flight day. The GV will be moved to the ramp by 0800. The EMI will start at 0830; only MTHP and GPIT are participating in the EMI, other investigators don't need to be onboard. If you wish to operate your instrument at 0830 please check with Kurt if he allows that. RF05 was cancelled due to an instrument malfunction, re-scheduled for Thursday.

Thursday 3/9: RF05. Power and access at 0800 on the ramp, take off at 1000, estimated flight duration 2.3 hours. The flight plan is the same as today except we will add a short mid altitude portion at the beginning to reach ~26,000 feet for 10 minutes, then turn back and descend towards Greeley, do the L-s and pass at 1,000 ft over the reservoirs.

Friday 3/10: RF06 is planned for Friday. Power and access on the ramp at 0800, planned take off at 1000, estimated duration 2.3 hours. The GV will be moved on the ramp at 0745, provided the winds don't prevent it. If the winds are too strong we will enter the standby pattern that we are so used to by now, and move the aircraft once we determine that take-off is possible. Flight plan is as discussed earlier: leave Jeffco, reach 26,000 for 20 minutes, descend to 1,000 ft, do 4 passes over Lake Mcconaughy, do a speed run at 1,000 ft, climb to 10,000, fly there for 20 min and return to Jeffco.

Monday 3/13: Payload post-project calibrations and un-installation begin. Power and access will be as usual from 0730 to 1630. We ask that investigators carry out the necessary calibrations and then let RAF technicians or myself know that they are ready for their rack to come out. If you have shipments to go out, please stage them near the ground power unit behind the GV in the hangar, label them clearly and provide Nate and I with pickup instructions. If you brought chemicals, please take them back with you, unless you made other arrangements with me. Arrange for pickup of any compressed gases as well..