ARISTO 2017 Timeline

1. Proposal submission: can be accomplished online here.

2. Feasibilities: Once all proposals have been received, EOL will develop feasibilities, cost estimates, and potential payloads for the ARISTO project.  If there are more instruments than will fit on the selected aircraft, EOL will develop multiple recommendations for the ARISTO panel to review.

3-4. Panel Review: The ARISTO review panel will be small (4-6 members) and consist of experienced airborne researchers.  The role of the review panel is to provide an independent review of the feasibilities proposed by EOL and provide a recommendation the the NSF program manager.

5. NSF Program Manager Review: The NSF Program Manager will review the feasibility and recommendation of the review panel and provide a final funding decision.

6. Instrument Certification Paperwork: Certification paperwork is due to RAF approximately sixteen weeks prior to the beginning of flight tests.  For more information on these requirements, click here.

7. Payload Integration: Payload upload will take place approximately 6 weeks prior to the test flights.  An upload schedule will be made by the RAF PM once the final funding announcement is made by the NSF Program Manager.

8. Flight Tests: A flight test schedule will be made that optimizes testing opportunities and meets the needs of the instrument PIs.

9. Payload Download: will begin after the flight tests are completed.