Christchurch Maintenance

RAF Daily Activity Sheet

Project Name: HIPPO-3 Date: 2010/04/08
Aircraft: G-V
Flight Hour Allocation: flexible
Location: Global 2010/03/22
- 2010/04/15
PI: Wofsy / Stephens PM:

Pavel Romashkin

Research Flight #: Flight Hrs: Project Total:

Data Summary:  
Data Start Time
Data End Time

IRU Performance: IRU Serial #: 176
Departure Coordinates: LAT: LON:
Time in Nav:
Destination Coordinates: LAT: LON:
Destination Read Out 1: LAT: LON:
Destination Read Out 2: LAT: LON:
Time Off:

LAT Error LON Error Nav Time THDG Dest. LAT ERROR

Technician Notes:

Project Manager Notes:

4/8/10 NZ (4/7 UTC)

UHSAS works.

Timer server never locks in stratum 1.

I went into its menus and changed GPS receiver reference location into "manual" as seen in the pilots' nav reference for Christchurch.


To make new ref. position:


1. Turn GPS Dynamic mode off.

2. Pit in new reference position

3. Cycle power

4. Turn GPS dynamic mode back on.