CABL Measurement Sites

CABL is an educational deployment of ISFS and MGAUS.  CABL brings together three activities at or near NOAA's 300m-high tower at the Boulder Atmospheric Observatory.  First, it leverages an existing set of lidar and radar observations being made as part of a Department of Energy study of methods to measure winds in the lowest part of the boundary layer, for use by the wind energy community.  To supplement this effort, EOL will supply sonic anemometers, temperature/humidity sensors, and data systems for NOAA to deploy on the 300m tower for in-situ validation of the remote sensors.  EOL also will supply 40 radiosondes using the Mobile GAUS facility to validate remote sensing observations above the height of the tower.  Second, these observations will be used by Prof. Julie Lundquist in her undergraduate and graduate meteorology classes at the University of Colorado.  Third, observations will be made that will be integrated into the meteorology and environmental science classes at the adjacent Erie High School.  For this purpose, EOL will deploy two ISFS surface flux stations, one at the BAO and one at the High School to demonstrate the differences in surface fluxes measured 1km apart.


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Measurement Sites

EOL Instrumentation for CABL
  Latitude Longitude Altitude Instrumentation
BAO tower 40° 3'0.09"N 105° 0'13.83"W 1581m 2 CSAT3, 1 TRH, 1 DSM each at 50,100,150,200,250,300m
BAO ISFS site 40° 2'54.84"N 105° 0'7.62"W 1587m Surface flux site, plus enhanced soils
Erie High School ISFS site 40° 2'56.79"N 105° 1'3.12"W 1572m Surface flux site, plus enhanced soils
MGAUS Locations        

BAO Visitor Building

Erie High School

40° 2'41.39"N

40° 2'50.28"N

105° 0'20.77"W

105° 1'3.49"W



40 sondes