ACCLIP in the News

Osan hosts NASA & NSF/NCAR operations

1 September 2022 | Defence Visualization Information Distribution Service



How monsoon winds impact climate change by transporting pollutants into the upper atmosphere

12 August 2022 |


This Is Why A NASA WB-57F Canberra Jet Is In South Korea

29 July 2022 | The Drive



NCAR and NASA to deploy research aircraft to investigate monsoon-climate connections

22 July 2022 | Meteorological Technology International


Research Aircraft to Investigate Monsoon-Climate Connections

19 July 2022 | UCAR Communications



Impacts of the Asian Summer Monsoon on Atmospheric Composition

NCAR | System for Integrated Modeling of the Atmosphere





Test flights underway for the ACCLIP airborne mission investigating climate and chemistry impacts of the Asian Summer Monsoon

10 August 2021 | NOAA Chemical Sciences Laboratory