EPIC Participants

EPIC 2001
Participant Field Directory
Operations Center
(52) 958-10140 (voice)
(52) 958 10188 (fax)
(52) 958-77731 (emergency cell)
(52) 958-77730 (Operations cell phone)
(note: if dialing the cell from within Mexico, do not dial the international country code 52 but add 044 before 958 if you are calling from a land-based phone, (if you are calling from another cell-phone in Mexico, do not dial 044). If you are calling a 958 number from Huatulco, do not use the 9 unless it is the access code from your hotel -- dropping 9 does not apply to a cell phone.)

The information below has been provided by participants.

Full Name by Last Field Location
Abbott, Scott Leg 2, R/V Brown
Bamzai, Anjuli S. Huatulco
Barr, James M. Huatulco
Baumgardner, Darrel Gibson Huatulco
Bond, Nicholas A. Huatulco
Bouchard, Paul Leg 2, R/V Brown
Boynton, Henry Huatulco
Burgman, Robert Leg 2, R/V Brown
Comstock, Kimberly Leg 2, R/V Brown
Cook, Thomas Michael Huatulco
Cowan, John Huatulco
Curry, James A. Huatulco
Cusack, John Huatulco
Damiano, Barry Huatulco
Eagan, Kip Huatulco
Emmanuel, C. B. Huatulco
Esbensen, Steven Kristian Huatulco
Faloona, Ian Huatulco
Floyd, Dewie K. Huatulco
Friesen, Richard Huatulco
Fuchs, Zeljka Huatulco
Gobat, Jason Leg 2, R/V Brown
Gray, Grant Leg 2, R/V Brown
Halverson II, Harris B. Huatulco
Hare, Jeffrey E. Leg 2, R/V Brown
Hazen, Duane Leg 2, R/V Brown
Jacob, Samuelraj Daniel Huatulco
Jimenez Escalona, José Carlos Huatulco
Kenul, Phil Huatulco
Kermond, John Leg 2, R/V Brown
Lask, Diane Huatulco
López-Carillo, Carlos S. Huatulco
Lord, Jeff Leg 2, R/V Brown
Lynch, Terry Huatulco
McCarty, Brandi Leg 2, R/V Brown
McGauley, Michael Gerald Huatulco
Meitín, José G. Huatulco
Newman, Carl Huatulco
Nicoll, George Huatulco
Nolan, James Huatulco
Olson, Robert Huatulco
Ostrom, Will Leg 2, R/V Brown
Park, Sungsu Leg 2, R/V Brown
Patterson, Michael W. Huatulco
Paulson, Clayton A. R/V New Horizon
Polyakov, Olga Leg 2, R/V Brown
Pradas-Bergnes, Carlos Huatulco
Pritchard, Mark Leg 2, R/V Brown
Raga, Graciela Binimelis Huatulco
Raymond, David J. Huatulco
Ringleman, Edward Huatulco
Rivas-Camargo, David Alberto Leg 2, R/V Brown
Rivas-Huacon, José Edgar Leg 2, R/V Brown
Roberts, Steven David Huatulco
Rogers, David Huatulco
Rogers, Mark Huatulco
Sandberg, Scott Leg 2, R/V Brown
Schaaf, Robert Leg 2, R/V Brown
Schneider, Wolfgang Leg 2, R/V Brown
Shay, Lynn (Nick) Keith Huatulco
Smith, Jeffery A. Huatulco
Smith, Roger Huatulco
Spooner, Catherine Leg 2, R/V Brown
Strong, Mike Huatulco
Susedik, Mike Huatulco
Tebeest, Randall J. Huatulco
Temoshok, Jane Leg 2, R/V Brown
Thum, Nicolai Huatulco
Uttal, Taneil Leg 2, R/V Brown
Valenzuela-Cuevas, Claudia A. Leg 2, R/V Brown
Vallee, Charlotte Leg 2, R/V Brown
Verstraete, Lou Huatulco
Wade, Stevan Huatulco
Webster, Chris Huatulco
Weller, Robert Andrew Leg 2, R/V Brown
Westberry, Toby Leg 2, R/V Brown
White, Sean Huatulco
Wijesekera, Hemantha W. R/V New Horizon
Yuter, Sandra Ellyn Leg 2, R/V Brown
Zhu, Hongyan Huatulco
Zrubek, Kurt Huatulco