IHOP (the International H20 Project) was a field campaign in 2002 to study the distribution of water vapor and it's role in development of convection.  It was located in the SOuthern Great Plains.  This is the web page for the Integrated Sounding System (ISS) and Mobile GLASS components of the project.  The ISS was located near Elmwood in the Oklahoma panhandle at the so-called "Homestead" or "Profiling Site", about 16 km east of the S-Pol radar site.  The Mobile-GLASS system was two mobile sounding trucks that launched radiosondes over a wide area of the Southern Great Plains.



Homestead Site:

The Homestead site was the home for a number of instruments from other groups

Status Notes

Quality-controlled data have been released for both mobile GLASS platforms and the fixed GLASS station at the ISS/MAPR site. Those data can be found in the ftp directory given below. The surface dataset has not been checked for quality, but it has been checked for completeness against the dataset archived in the field. Daily files for those data are also available at the ftp site in both netcdf and text format. The online plots and thumbnail indexes for the ISS surface data and fixed and mobile soundings have been regenerated using these updated datasets. (Note the images still include the warning about "realtime data not checked for quality".)


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