EOL Organizational Structure

EOL’s laboratory structure consists of our central directorate and five facilities, collectively managing and maintaining the LAOF to provide support for the wider NCAR community.

Research Aviation Facility (RAF): aircraft operations and support
In-Situ Sensing Facility (ISF): in-situ and remote measurement systems
Remote Sensing Facility (RSF): radar and lidar instrumentation
Data Management and Services Facility (DMS): campaign data management and archival
Design and Fabrication Services (DFS): instrument design and fabrication

Our central directorate includes the Administration Group, Project Management Office (PMO), and Computing and Web Infrastructure Group (CWIG).




EOL Directorate


NCAR Associate Director/EOL Director

This position is currently vacant.


Ms. Brigitte Baeuerle: EOL Assistant Director for Operations email

Brigitte Baeuerle is the Assistant Director for Operations in NCAR's Earth Observing Laboratory. She oversees the day-to-day activities of EOL, providing guidance and supervision over core operational activities in EOL, including the planning and conduct of field campaigns, overall project management, system administration, communication within and outside of the Laboratory, and coordination between different EOL Facilities and groups. As Assistant Director, Brigitte represents EOL to federal agencies and other funding organizations within the scientific and engineering communities, to the university community, and internally within NCAR and UCAR. Brigitte, who grew up in Germany, received a MS in Oceanography from Oregon State University before joining UCAR in 1991, where she held several positions related to project management and operations. 

Ms. Sara Metz: EOL Laboratory Administrator email

Sara Metz is the Laboratory Administrator in NCAR's Earth Observing Laboratory. With a BA in Economics from Smith College in Massachusetts, Metz joined UCAR in 2003 in the UCAR Office of Programs' Joint Office for Science Support (JOSS). She moved into the Earth Observing Laboratory in 2005 where she held several positions and many responsibilities. In 2013, Sara was appointed EOL Laboratory Administrator with responsibility for the laboratory budget, financial, and administrative management.




Dr. Louis Lussier: Research Aviation Facility (RAF) Manager email

Lou Lussier joined the NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory in 2013 as an Associate Scientist III in the RAF Airborne Project Office (APO). Lou came to NCAR from the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), where he obtained his Ph.D. degree in 2010 and also his postdoctoral research experience. Prior to pursuing his Ph.D., Lou had accumulated significant operational and managerial experience as the U.S. Air Force Weather Officer and the Director of Technical Services. It is during that time that he also obtained an M.S. degree in Meteorology from the Air Force Institute of Technology in 2004. In 2015, Lou was promoted to a Project Manager II to reflect his growing responsibilities, both within the RAF/APO and in his leadership of the Airborne Phased Array Radar (APAR) team as the APAR Project Director. In January of 2021, Lou was appointed to the position of EOL Research Aviation Facility Manager. 

Dr. Michael Dixon: Remote Sensing Facility (RSF) Interim Co-Manager email

Mike Dixon has been a Software Engineer and Programmer IV for the NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory since 2010. He is currently serving as an Interim Manager leading RSF Operations. Mike has been with NCAR since 1990.



Mr. Terry Hock: In-situ Sensing Facility (ISF) Manager email

Terry Hock is an Engineer IV within EOL and the Facility Manager of EOL's In-situ Sensing Facility. Terry has both a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado, with focus on Electromagnetic Theory. At NCAR since 1982, Terry has led several major instrumentation developments, primarily focused on dropsonde technology on manned and unmanned airborne systems. He has been involved with the dropsonde technology transfer for licensing to commercial companies, which has expanded the dropsonde technology worldwide to multiple international research institutions. Terry and his team have won numerous UCAR Technology Achievement Awards. In 2011 he won UCAR’s Distinguished Achievement and the CO-LABS High-Impact Research in Atmospheric Research awards. 

Mr. Greg Stossmeister: Data Management and Services Facility (DMS) Manager email

Greg Stossmeister is an Associate Scientist IV within EOL and the Facility Manager of EOL’s Data Management & Services Facility. He received his BS in Physics from Edinboro University and his MS degree in Meteorology from Pennsylvania State University. Greg joined NCAR in 1984 and has been part of the Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division, the Research Applications Laboratory and the Joint Office for Science Support before joining EOL in 2005. He has actively participated in more than 48 national and international meteorology, chemistry, tropical cyclone, and arctic sciences field projects during his career. During his tenure at EOL, Greg has overseen the development and deployment of the Field Catalog, one of NCAR/EOL’s most requested facilities. He has been responsible for guiding the development of new catalog features and services, and frequently works with PIs in the field to customize the field catalog tools, products and services to meet the needs of field campaign researchers. 

Mr. Jim Ranson: Design & Fabrication Services (DFS) Manager email

Jim Ranson is an Engineer IV within EOL and the Facility Manager of EOL's Design and Fabrication Services. Jim joined NCAR in 2011 after working in the aerospace field for over two decades. Since that time, he has been developing instruments for a variety of platforms including aircraft, spacecraft, mobile, ground-based, and ship-borne vessels.  Jim began his engineering career at Ophir Corporation designing optical-based instruments, including radiometers, hygrometers, and lidars. After Ophir, he joined Coherent Technologies as a senior mechanical engineer where he continued to design lidars and sensors that were focused on measuring wind velocities and aerosols. Later on as a Principal Systems Engineer with Coherent, Jim was the technical lead for the development of the WindTracer(R) Doppler lidar system used at airports around the world to measure turbulence. He led the mechanical design and development of a state-of-the-art laser transmitter for a satellite program and was awarded the Lockheed Martin Exceptional Service Award in 2007.