Director's Office

Dr. Allison McComiskey

NCAR Associate Director/EOL Director

Dr. Allison McComiskey holds the position of Director of the NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory.  Before assuming this role, Allison served as the Chair of the Environmental and Climate Sciences Department (ECSD) at the Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory before joining NCAR in September 2023.  Prior to working at ECSD, Allison worked for NOAA's Earth System Research Lab, where her responsibilities included managing long-term monitoring programs for atmospheric radiation, aerosols, and cloud properties.  Additionally, she led led the Global Monitoring Laboratory Radiation Group, which is an integral part of one of the longest-running global climate monitoring networks.  Throughout her career, Allison has remained dedicated to enhancing and improving observations and long-term monitoring of the Earth system.  Her approach combines atmospheric sensing and modeling techniques to support fundamental climate and atmospheric science within the broader Earth science community.  

Ms. Brigitte Baeuerle

EOL Assistant Director of Operations

Brigitte Baeuerle is the Assistant Director of Operations in NCAR's Earth Observing Laboratory. She oversees the day-to-day activities of EOL, providing guidance and supervision over core operational activities in EOL, including the planning and conduct of field campaigns, overall project management, system administration, communication within and outside of the Laboratory, and coordination between different EOL Facilities and groups. As Assistant Director, Brigitte represents EOL to federal agencies and other funding organizations within the scientific and engineering communities, to the university community, and internally within NCAR and UCAR. 

Ms. Sara Metz

EOL Laboratory Administrator

Sara Metz is the Laboratory Administrator in NCAR's Earth Observing Laboratory. With a BA in Economics from Smith College in Massachusetts, Metz joined UCAR in 2003 in the UCAR Office of Programs' Joint Office for Science Support (JOSS). She moved into the Earth Observing Laboratory in 2005 where she held several positions and many responsibilities. In 2013, Metz was appointed EOL Laboratory Administrator with responsibility for the laboratory budget, financial, and administrative management.