Work Schedule
Updated schedule of current activities day by day

The HEFT-10 project's field phase is over. All projects objectives were successfully accomplished.

  • Install DOAS can in the AM on Friday 1/22.
  • Do the EMI check of the complete payload in the PM on Friday 1/22. Shooting for 1 PM.
  • If EMI is successful, we will taxt the GV around for another hour or so to test out initialization of INS. Complete FRR and 337. If EMI unsuccessful or instruments not ready the next chance for EMI is Monday 1/25.
  • On Saturday 1/23, in coordination with the C-130, we will fly TF-01, an approximately 2 hour test flight.
    Depending on the outcome of TF01 we may be able to provide power and access on Sunday, if staff is available and if necessary.
  • Monday 1/25, Tuesday 1/26 and Wednesday 1/27 of next week are all candidates for 1-2 additional TF and for one hard down day for the RAF field crew (Boynton, McClain, Murphy, Kidd, Romashkin).
  • Thursday 1/28 - depart to Hawaii for a three day mission.
  • Friday - latest possible departure to Hawaii, only if instrumentation issues prevent departure on Thursday.
  • Saturday 1/30 or Sunday 1/31 at the latest - return from Hawaii.
  • Monday 1 February: FAA DAR on site to issue Experimental certificate, GV must be on site for this.