HAIS Experimental Flight Test - 2010 (HEFT10)

12/01/2009 - 02/16/2010
Project Location
Jeffco, Broomfield, CO

HAIS Experimental Flight Test - 2010 (HEFT-10) is one of the series of airborne projects that are conducted by the EOL RAF to allow instrument developers flight time on the G-V. Initially, HEFT projects were put in place to provide test flight opportunity to the HIAPER HAIS instrument developers. HEFT projects may accommodate other developers if the payload allows. HEFT projects are not considered research field experiments and do not have an important scientific objective. Their goal is instrument validation, performance testing and preparation for research field deployments.

HEFT-10 project has been augmented by the NSF to include an extended testing / scientific objective by funding the AMAX-DOAS instrument participation and a three flight deployment to Hawaii to test the instrument in the marine environment.

The payload for HEFT-10 includes:

  • HARP
  • LAMS
  • HOLODEC, SID-2H and 2D-C 25 um
  • HSRL

EOL policy prescribes that all equipment that is considered mission-critical for field projects on the G-V must test fly on the G-V prior to the test flights for the approved research project. This is because G-V flight characteristics are quite unique (high air speed, dynamic heating of inlets, special configuration of inlets, strict certification requirements) and any issues that might affect readiness or performance during approved field projects must be resolved well in advance and not jeopardize the research. HEFT projects are one of the ways for instrument investigators to comply with this requirement.



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