Upload Schedule

Schedule of upload activities for the GV in March-April, 2008

The PIs are expressing a strong desire to start START-08 earlier than 21 April. This is not impossible but RAF will need cooperation from the instrument teams to make it happen.

 After the completion of HEFT08 the equipment will be removed from the GV and START-08 equipment will be immediately installed. The schedule below puts this process in stages, which allow for more room for instrument PIs to work in the small cabin of the GV before the next equipment rack is moved in.

 However, we can install racks faster provided that they are delivered to the RAF and ready to go onto the airplane. Please note the dates at the top of the schedule. If RAF has the equipment as indicated, further compression of schedule may be possible. If at any stage the installation begins to delay, the entire schedule will progressively slip back as necessary, waiting for the delaying component. Since such delays are often out of RAF control, the official project start date remains 21 April.

Update 3/3/2008: After the teleconference of 2/22/2008 the schedule has been changed to reflect the actual ability of instrument groups to deliver instruments to RAF on certain dates. If you are unable to meet the dates below, please let RAF know.

Update 3/28/2008: Based on the status of the payload the schedule looks as if some activities may have to change. RAF will attempt SAR (inspection / walk through) on 4/3 and point out the issues to each instrument team. Depending on the readiness of the instrumentation RAF will schedule the re-inspection. After that step is finished (probably on 4/7 or later if necessary) RAF will conduct an EMI test. This test is on the ramp, on engine power with all equipment turned On in flight configuration. Upon the completion of the EMI test RAF will old a Flight Readiness Review and determine if the airplane and payload are airworthy. Depending on the outcome of that and of the meeting to assess the  scientific readiness of the payload, the test flight dates will be determined.

The first test flight is reserved by the RAF and is expected to be with the minimum crew for the purpose of testing the ability of the pressurization system to deal with instruments venting into the cabin. This flight is expected to be short and will be followed by test flight(s) targeting more specific test objectives as defined by the science team.

 Dowanload PDF version of the schedule here.


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