April 21, 2008 to June 28, 2008
Project Location: 
Jeffco, Broomfield, CO
What's New?: 

Post-project data management is now being done by EOL. Details can be found on this page. ACOM still supports project information through their web pages at ACOM START08 Project Page.

Project Description: 

The Stratosphere-Troposphere Analyses of Regional Transport (START08) studied the chemical and transport characteristics of the extratropical upper tropospheric and lower stratospheric (ExUTLS) region using the NSF/NCAR HIAPER aircraft. In the ExUTLS, multi-scale dynamics, coupled with chemistry, controls and redistributes a suite of radiatively important trace species, including ozone, water vapor, and CO2 in addition to aerosols and particles. The primary objective was to characterize the contribution of transport to the chemical-microphysical structure of the ExUTLS region. START08 had a joint payload and flight operation with the\ Pre-HIPPO experiment.


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