Upload Schedule
ADELE / SPRITE schedule of instruments installation in the GV cabin

The upload for ADELE / SPRITE is complicated by two factors:

  • Delay in large wing stores certification for the GV (a major infrastructure upgrade involving the FAA and Gulfstream), which caused cancellation of the dedicated HAIS Experimental Flight Tests (HEFT-09);
  • Attempt to combine at least some of the HEFT-09 payload with ADELE / SPRITE payload in order to accomplish some of the HEFT-09 goals and accept HAIS instruments.

ADELE / SPRITE, as an NSF approved research project, has priority over all over activities and will be flown on time.

As it stands now the GV may be delayed at the FAA test facility until as late as the end of July to complete wing stores certification. If this activity has to be terminated before completion to accommodate ADELE / SPRITE, the cost to resume the project is very high, so it is best if RAF can complete it. With this in mind, the following schedule should still allow the maximum possible time to try to complete the certification, yet upload ADELE / SPRITE and part of HEFT-09. RAF will need a great deal of cooperation from HEFT-09 investigators who are interested in flying their instruments this summer; however, no extra effort is required from HEFT teams and the schedule is in fact pushed back. Again, the priority is with ADELE / SPRITE instruments, all other instruments will be flown on a non interference basis.

RAF will be able to accommodate HAIS and GAP instruments provided that:

  • RAF receives all required certification documentation between 15 May and 1 June 2009.
  • Instruments selected for participation are at Jeffco, ready on the hangar floor, assembled in racks, inspected by RAF mechanics and technicians at the time the GV is available for the upload. This means that all HEFT racks must be submitted for approval on 20 July. Instruments that fail the inspection or have problems that prevent installation from 27 July through 1 august will be removed from the payload because delays are impossible given the schedule.
  • RAF will focus its support on ADELE / SPRITE racks. HEFT-09 instruments will receive support also but on a non interference basis. In order to get best support, HEFT instruments should arrive at Jeffco early, preferably between 29 June - 10 July.
  • Test flights in August are for ADELE and SPRITE packages. Other instruments can also operate but any problems discovered with HEFT equipment will not delay the GV departure to Florida.
  • There will not be time to complete HEFT flights before ADELE / SPRITES. All HEFT instruments installed on the GV will deploy to Florida. HEFT investigators are welcome to be part of the flights in Florida; this provides extra flight opportunity for HEFT instruments.
  • There will be an opportunity for up to three test flights over 10 days after the GV returns from Florida. All racks will have to remain onboard until the flights are completed.

GV will depart for Melbourne, FL on 13 August and return on 9 September.