Daily Schedule
Update on ADELE/SPRITE activities, most recent at the top.
With two parallel projects being conducted in Melbourne, we ask for flexibility from all parties involved. We will do our best to make all work, but a bit of give and take is to be expected.

Monday 17 Aug: Normal operations day. BBC and NBC media groups show up for a maximum 4-day stay. It is likely that we will do a safety briefing for all remaining persons that will be flying on the GV as part of ADELE-SPRITE. The message regarding the safety briefing will be emailed to PIs by Sunday evening at the latest. - The safety briefing takes about 1.5 hours, and you must attend if you plan to fly at any point during the ADELE-SPRITE deployment (those that have already had the briefing at JeffCo neen not attend). PIs are responsible for communicating this to their groups; if any problems, then please email me.

Sunday 16 Aug: Possibly first operations day (if hard down day is Saturday), or will be hard down day if Saturday is not declared the hard down day. Due to the two remaining pilots flying to Melbourne Sunday, we can at most fly one flight Sunday (i.e. either ADELE or SPRITE).

Saturday 15 Aug: Likely a hard down day (could also be Sunday for hard down day, TBD); if hard down day, then no access to the aircraft, minimal access to the OPS center for planning purposes only.

Friday 14 Aug: 0800 ramp driving class for mechanics at terminal. Set-up day in Melbourne (hangar and ops center). Jim Moore has planned a PI and Facilities meeting at 10 AM; Jim emailed invitations. RAF staff to receive airport security badges in the morning, time TBD. Brief all hands meeting at 4PM at the hotel to lay out logistics for support.

Thursday 13 Aug: The GV will ferry from JeffCo to Melbourne with a take-off at 10 AM (Colorado time) and an expected 3.2 hrs flight duration.

Fri. 7 August: 0900-1000 Pilot proficiency flight, estimated duration 2 hours. 1300-1400 ADELE TF01, flight objective - locate and overfly a thunferstorm, estimated flight duration 3 hours.

Thur. 6 August: Maintenance day, power and access all day. Potentially extended access from 1700 to 1900 for additional radioactive source calibrations.

Wed. 5 August: EMI test. Start at 0900, aircraft roll-out at 0830. Finish by 1100, with pilots leaving Jeffco around 1130.