University of Washington Photo Gallery

This gallery features highlights from the University of Washington's Kuwait Oil Fires photo gallery. To see the complete gallery, please visit

Burning Burgan Oil Fields (Photo taken by Sissie Brimberg, a National Geographic Photographer).
Kuwait Oil Fires (Photo taken by Sissie Brimberg, a National Geographic Photographer).
C131 looking oily in Kuwait
Flying low among the "candles"
Salt contaminating produced anomalous white plumes of smoke
Bahrain Arabs sitting by the sea (Photo taken by Sissie Brimberg, a National Geographic Photographer).
CARG quarters, Bahrain
Happy Kuwaiti citizen's car
Displays like this were common in Bahrain -- and unimagineable a year earlier.
Sharjah Air Terminal, United Arab Emirates. This began a gorgeous landscaped drive into Sharjah.
The natural landscape of Bahrain
The Bahrain Golf Course. Here, Peter Hobbs (red cady) and Ray Weiss head out for a morning round.
War damage -- While making turns to return to the oil fires, the C-131A occasionally overflew wreckage from the war to eject Iraq from Kuwait.
CARG in Kuwait. Study of physical dimensions and composition of oil well fires set by the retreating Iraqi army following their ejection from Kuwait.
David Nance trying to be cool at 110° F in the cabin
Hap (far left) in the Bahrain CARG computer center
Hap Terry in downtown Manama, Bahrain
Members of the Bahrain weather service
Michael King operating the CAR
Happy Kuwaitis
Post flight refreshments at Manama, Bahrain, AP. Temperatures in the cabin of the C-131A were often over 110° F!
Ron and Peter after a swim in the Arabian/Persian Gulf. Taken at Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, after a long flight chasing the oil fires smoke plume down the Gulf.
Some things made it seem like home...
An interesting tee in the wake of the Iraqi ejection from Kuwait. It's hard to believe, in a historical context, all the good feelings toward America by Arabs.... It was a thing to behold!
Krista, David and Rod at Dairy Queen in Manama, Bahrain
American cultural influence -- seen in Manama, Bahrain
A view of the smoke from the C131A bubble
Electra aircraft flying with the UW C131A
Flying in dust and smoke. Dust storms were frequent and sometimes sampling smoke was also combined with sampling dust.
Strolling the promenade in Manama, Bahrain.
Well-mixed smoke, late afternoon, Manama, Bahrain