Tests of Hotfilms in EOL Wind Tunnel

Voltages from the 3D hotfilm probes were measured in the EOL wind tunnel on March 5th and 6th, 2007, at 6 different wind speeds of approximately 0, 1, 2, 5, 10, and 20 m/s. The EOL tunnel was not modified to provide a good turbulence spectrum for this test. There were no obstacles placed in the tunnel to create turbulence. This was a simple comparison test of the hotfilms and data system to verify their basic operational status. For the first test on March 5th, probes p1, p2, and p3 were mounted on a vertical support, about 6 inches apart, with p1 on the top, p2 in the middle, and p3 on the bottom. For the March 6th test, probes p2 and p4 were mounted on the support, with p2 on the top, higher than its position on March 5th, and p4 was the bottom probe. Voltages were sampled at 2000 Hz for 110 seconds at each wind speed, using the ISFF data system with a Diamond DMM-32X-AT analog card.

probe time series 1 Hz time series power spectra
p1, 0 m/s
p2, 0 m/s

p3, 0 m/s
p4, 0 m/s
p1, 1 m/s
p2, 1 m/s

p3, 1 m/s
p4, 1 m/s
p1, 2 m/s
p2, 2 m/s

p3, 2 m/s
p4, 2 m/s
p1, 5 m/s
p2, 5 m/s

p3, 5 m/s
p4, 5 m/s
p1, 10 m/s
p2, 10 m/s

p3, 10 m/s
p4, 10 m/s
p1, 20 m/s
p2, 20 m/s

p3, 20 m/s
p4, 20 m/s