RF12: 09-6-2002 16:41 - 23:40


P3 Flight Log:

RF12 was a CI mission on 9 June. P3 took off at noon and flew into New Mexico before a dry line was identified. P3 stayed on that line for about an hour before NSSL ground team found another dryline at the New Mexico and OK boarder. P3 moved to the new target about 2:30 pm and worked on the line until 6 pm. Both lines had strong moisture discontinuity but the line itself was broad. The second line was as wide as 10 km at times. Leandre was shut down during the flight due to heat problems. ELDROA stayed up all flight but temperature was as high as 108F near the transmitter. It is a concern that overheating might cause problems for ELDORA systems at some point if the system is operated consistently at that temperature. Great ELDORA data were collected. Clear air echo is back but the P3 windshield is relatively clean compared with the 24 May case. Overall reflectivity factor is lower by 2-3 db than the 24 May case but high enought to be seen above the ground clutter. After discussed with ELDORA staff, a decision has been made to shut down ELDORA system when the temperature exceeds 105F for over 30 min. ELDORA staff will monitor the temperature situation on today's mission closely so we can understand the situation better. The temperature in the aft cabin is in the low 90s but it is very uncomfortable in conjunction with turbulence, especially we stayed at 1000 ft for over 5 hours. Luckily, we only lost two people to air sickness in RF12. One of them was NRL pilot!!!

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