RF10: 07-6-2002 17:53 - 21:45


P3 Flight Log:

- RF10 was scheduled to takeoff at noon on 7 June. It was delayed by one hour due to Leandre problems. The mission was an ABL mission doing flight legs over SPOL and Homestead region. All instruments worked well during the flight except the dew point measurements. The dew points were in the -40C range at 14000 ft which is too low. There was a high pressure centered just 50 km west of Spol. Insitu winds clearly depict the clockwise circulaiton during the flight. The cloud pattern also agreed with the high pressure with only air pollution near the high center while puffy cu appears about 100 km from the high center. The mission ends at 5 pm.

Flight Track:

ELDORA Images for this Flight:

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