RF08: 02-6-2002 19:01 - 22:49


P3 Flight Log:

The June 2 mission was a CI mission targeted on a dryline in southern Kansas near Garden City. The forecast called for late initiation of convection for the day. The takeoff time of P3 was delayed for 2 hours based on the forecast. After performing several calibration legs enroute, P3 was greeted by high based convections with microbursts surrounding the target region. Not only the BL was contaminated by the outflows, there was very little clear air echo on this day. The wind shield of the P3 was rather clean suggesting that bugs were not there for us. P3 then moved to S-Pol area to work on boundaries near S-Pol. Unfortunately, the clear air returns were too weak to make the data useful. The flight altitiude was 2000 ft AGL for the low-level legs. Leandra did not encounter ground problems at this altititude.

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