RF04: 23-5-2002 16:58 - 18:43


P3 Flight Log:

- Flight 04 (CI mission) took off at noon yesterday. The target area is ~100 km east of S-Pol. Convection was initiated few hours earlier than forecasted. When P3 descended into the target area, P3 was surrounded by storms. Some of the storms even showed wall clouds. P3 did found the dry line but second trip echo contamination was too severe that boundary layer structures could not be seen. After consulting with ops center, P3 left for Kansas to work on a clear region. However, storms were everywhere so the mission was terminated ~1.5 hour into the flight. All other aircraft missions were called off too. All instruments worked great but weather was not on our side. Later, Jim Wilson reported that boundary and convection initiation did occur near S-Pol (two days in a roll!!!). We will try today at noon one more time. Rich Neitzel will arrive this afternoon and Melinda departs today. RAF has a crew change. Mike Spowart, Kurt Zrubrek, Larry Murphy, Janet Anstett depart today. Bill Irwin and George Nichol assumed RAF duty yesterday. I will try to keep track of staff rotation but probably missed some already.

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