RF03: 22-5-2002 19:25 - 01:00


P3 Flight Log:

-The first IHOP CI mission on NRL-P3 was conducted yesterday from 2:15 pm to 8:30 pm. We had a rough start with both ELDORA and ADS uncertainties. The problems were solved so the mission was delayed only by 15 min. Once we were in the air, the ethernet had problems so the CAPPI and ADS display by the science stations were not up until about 1 hour into the flight. After the ethernet was reset, everything worked fine. Leandre worked excellent for the first 2.5 hours. It detected the moisture discontiunity across the dryline. Roger W. is able to keep P3 ~3 km away from the dryline. ELDORA worked great for the entire flight. It consistently detect boundary up to 2.5 km altitude. Coordination with other facilities went well except with the King Air. Cabin temperature was a problem. Leandre was down for the last two hours possibly due to overheating. One hour after Leandre was down, the cabin temperature was 35C on top of the ELDORA rack. The temperature near the front cabin was near 27 C but the rear cabin was above 30C. Three NCAR staff was sick on the flight probably due to high cabin temperature and turbulence. NRL crew is aware of the situation and will attempt to correct the situation.

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