RF02: 21-5-2002 18:13 - 21:28


P3 Flight Log:

-NRL-P3 flew yesterday (5/21/2002) on an ABL mission to southern Kansas and northern Oklahoma. During the flight, the eye safety radar was tested at low altitude with King Air near by. The eye safety radar sucessfully detected the existence of King Air. So, Leandre can now point sideway for the CI missions. The downward pointing mirror was shipped back to Boulder for repair and will be sent back to IHOP by the end of the week. The ELDORA system encountered problems during the flight. The initial guess of the problem was overheating of the system. This may be a problem for today's CI mission because the bulk of the mission will be at 1000 ft. Eric will be on today's flight to diagnose problems. CAPPI system did not work on the flight. This might be partially related to the abnormal ELDORA system. New codes are currently being installed on the CAPPI system and will be tested before today's mission. The radio communication between P3 and King Air remained a problem. This will be tested today during the mission. This afternoon's mission will be a CI mission for a duration of 6 hours. Takeoff time is 2 pm. King Air will takeoff at 4pm and Lear Jet will takeoff at ~4:30 pm. It is expected that the dry line will be near S-Pol around 5 pm. The next 3-4 days will likely all be CI days so we will be busy.

Crew Members:

NRL Crew: Tom Strong, Jace Dasenbrock, Steve Wagner, Frank Strazzula, Christopher Holsinger,

NCAR: Larry Murphy, Mike Strong, Tim Lim, Jeff Keeler, Frank Pratte, Grant Gray

UCLA: Hanne Murphy

CNRS: Patrica Delville, Olivier Bock

Flight Track:

ELDORA Images for this Flight:

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