PLOWS LRT data update for PMS-2D corrections - June 8, 2010

We have been working on correcting some PMS-2D data in the PLOWS data set.  Specifically, we have corrected the bin sizing for the "10 um" 2D-C probe (actual resolution due to a weaker laser is 19 um).  The bin-to-bin oscillations in the counts for the same probe are tied to the odd feathering of the back side of these images and cannot be fixed.  Basically we recommend using data from the 25 um probe tagged with the _RPC identifier.  A change was also made to the 2D-P data.  The delay in reprocessing allowed us time to reconfirm the true resolution and DoF for the 2D-P probe.  No changes were found from the basic setup (200 um; 261 mm), but we did turn bins 1&2 back on so they are now included in total concentration (CONC1DP_RWI, CONC2P_RWI) calculations. 

NOTE: All other data fields will remain unchanged from the original release!