Photo Gallery


Aerial view of the National Hail Research Experiment research site.
Northeast views of the National Hail Research Experiment research site.
NHRE field site.
Research site at Pawnee National Grassland.
Research site.


Inside the CP-2 Radome.
Field Equipment.
Field Equipment.
Field Equipment.
Control equipment at a research facility.
Partly assembled antenna.
Radar antenna tractor being unloaded.
Antenna being assembled.
Antenna pedestal.
Communications antenna.
Field equipment.
NCAR Queen Air N304D.
NOAA/NCAR Sailplane N9929J.
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology T-28 N510MH.
Taken outside the University of Wyoming's Department of Atmospheric Science hangar.
Tower at New Raymer.
Transformers in place.
Balloon launch enclosure.


Group Staff Photo taken at Grover, CO, Summer 1976
NCAR worker in field.
Staff on site.
Staff at work.
Staff meeting.
Staff member documenting the field site.
Staff members.
Staff members.
Administrative unit interior.


NHRE study area
NHRE New Raymer hail study area
NHRE operational plan
NHRE cloud seeding operation
NHRE cloud seeding rocket

NHRE staff organizational chart
Decision-making flowchart for a typical operational day
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