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From St. George Church overlooking Bathsheba on the east coast of Barbados.  Africa is well over the horizon – nothing in between. Chatell houses often duplicated to provide more accommodation. (Click Images for Full Resolution)
Surfing Beach on Barbados south coast
St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados, 16 m flux tower site (overlooking St. Georges Valley). Notice the “flagged” Ubiquitous – Casuariana trees due to persistent Trade Winds. (L to R: Carl Aspliden (FSU), Michael Garstang (FSU), Bob Petersen (FSU), unknown, possibly Ron Hadlock (FSU), person under unknown’s arm: unknown).
Seawell Airport (now Sir Grantly Adams Airport); NCAR Queen Air in Hangar. Person unknown.
Equipment being unloaded from aircraft at Seawell Airport.  Aluminum sheds for field units housing digital tape recorders for 16 flux towers and field generators.  [Foreground – Mike Garstang (possibly only person Ed Zipser ever saw wearing coat and tie on Barbados!) and unknown. Group foreground – Bob Severance (FSU, PhD candidate – TRITON Buoy); Counter clockwise: Peter Grose (FSU PhD candidate – ocean wave fields); Back to instrument shelter – unknown; Partially obscured – Ward Sequin (FSU PhD candidate – ocean-atmosphere energy fluxes); Robert Petersen (FSU Project Manager); Obscured – possibly Ronald Holle (FSU Project Scientist – 16 m flux towers, energy fluxes, calibration)
USAF C-124 GLOBEMASTER – Tennessee National Guard (Nashville, TN, Col. William C. Smith, Commanding (see Information Release, NCAR, September 3, 1968). Scientific equipment being unloaded from cargo flight (could possibly include disposable diapers for Ed Zipser’s 2-year old daughter!). The Air National Guard airlifted approximately 65,000 lbs. of equipment from Tallahassee, FL to Barbados, 1600 mi southeast of Miami. The Air National Guard also supported Ed Zipser’s research on aircraft of the Navy’s Airborne Early Warning Squadron, 4 based at Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico and the USAF 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron from Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico.
Cleon Biter with a camera filming cargo unload at Seawell Airport (why with coat and tie?) and unknown
Walcott apartments – fully occupied by project personnel.  (L to R: two individuals, possibly Ken Warsh and Ward Sequin (FSU PhD candidate).
Colonel Bob Petersen’s apartment in Walcott complex
Steps down to beach at the Rostrevor Apartments
Rostrevor Apartments occupied by other half of project personnel (L to R: Ron Hadlock, Mike Garstang, Col. Bob Petersen)
Walcott Apartments (L to R: Mike Garstang, Col. Bob Petersen)
Rostrevor Apartments
Rostrevor Apartments – unknown person
Rostrevor Apartments (L to R:  Cleon Biter, Bill Zinser (QA pilot), other NCAR Queen Air personnel)
Rostrevor Apartments (L to R: Garstang, NCAR Queen Air Staff (Warsh?), Bill Zinser)