Phase 1 Schedule
Schedule of project activities for the next few days. Last updated: Friday June 13, 13:00

The plan for supporting START08 operations during the period from 05/16/08 to 06/16/08 is as follows:

The GV will be moved to the new hangar around 5-6 of June to allow the upload of ELDORA on the NRL P3 as part of T-PARC project. The rest of the START08 operations will be out of the new hangar. Any user equipment operations on the hangar floor near the GV tail area should be moved out of the old hangar before 9 June.

People who need to remove instruments for working in the lab can do so during normal business hours. We will provide limited after-hours access this weekend to out-of-town teams if necessary, as we are aware that many people have been away from home for a long time.

The GV will remain available for instrument removal, access and calibrations throughout the entire down period during normal business hours. However, there are maintenance items that RAF will be taking care of that may require power cycles and limited access. Please coordinate with RAF if you plan an activity that requires uninterrupted power and access for a certain length of time. Keep in mind that the payload is certified as it is and is not supposed to change between phases. We will not remove racks from the GV.

Please document all instrument and component removals and re-installs in the rack book.

Also note that many RAF staff will be taking time off during this period and others have been scheduled to work on other upcoming field projects. Our ability to dedicate people for START08 support may be limited, so let us know in advance if you need support. We plan to resume operations on 6/9 to allow the payload to get back together, and will be fully staffed for flight ops by 16 June.

First deployment schedule of flights and other activities

Friday 5/16: Maintenance day, last day of operations for the first half of START08. Instruments can be removed from the GV for lab work during the down period. We hope that we can stop power and access at 1500 so that everyone can enjoy the end-of-the-first-half of the project party. The brats will be cooking by then, so working will be near impossible anyway with the aroma spreading over RMMA :)

Thursday 5/15: RF12, stratospheric fold over Colorado. Hands-on at 0730, take-off at 1000. Approximate duration 5.5-6 hours. This is the last flight of the first half of START08. There will be no more planning meetings until mid June.

Wednesday 5/14: RF11, northbound flight to the U.S. - Canada border to study a stratospheric fold. Hands-on is at 0830, takeoff 1100, approximate duration is 6.5 hours. The GV will be reserved for RAF use prior to the roll-out to repair the avionics component, so any activities in the main cabin prior to hands-on will be only on non-interference basis.

Tuesday 5/13: Maintenance day

Monday 5/12: RF10, Northbound survey to Canada with a low descent / missed approach in Canada. Although there is no planned landing in Canada, flight crew should bring their passports. Hands-on will be at 0730, takeoff at 1000. Approximate duration 7.5 hours.

Sunday 5/11: Hard down day, no power or access to the GV. There will be a 2 pm forecast meeting with remote participation via GoToMeeting and teleconference; to join please dial toll free 1-866-740-1260 (or local in Colorado 303-248-0285) and use participant code 3916056. Join GoToMeeting using meeting ID 363417559.

Saturday 5/10: Maintenance day. Power and access 0800 - 1600 or until the last team is finished, whichever comes first. As usual, if you are working in the lab and need to bring instruments to the GV later in the day, please contact RAF staff to ensure they wait for you if nobody else is working on the GV.

Friday 5/9: RF09, Northbound UTLS survey / tropospheric intrusion flight with a low descent over Canada. Hands-on 0630, takeoff 0900, duration 7.5-8 hours.

Thursday 5/8: Maintenance day, Science meeting at RMMA conference room 0800 - 1100. Recording will be made available via field catalog.

Wednesday 5/7: Hard down day; science teams look at data for science meeting.

Tuesday 5/6: RF08, pre-HIPPO + START08 tropospheric intrusion flight to the Gulf of Mexico, hands-on 0630, take-off 0900, duration 7.5 hours. Decision on the schedule for the next several days.

Monday 5/5: Maintenance day, access 0800 - 1730.

Sunday 5/4: RF07, pre-HIPPO N survey flight into Canada. Hands-on at 0730, takeoff at 0900, duration 7.5 hours.

Saturday 5/3: Maintenance day, access 0800 - 1600.

Friday 5/2: Hard down day, no power or access to the GV, no GV support staff on site.

Thursday 5/1: RF06, stratospheric fold towards SW from RMMA. Hands-on 0630, take-off 0900, approximate duration 7.5 hours. There will be a low altitude descent or even a missed approach on this flight.

Wednesday 4/30: RF05 pre-HIPPO flight. Hands-on 0730, take-off 1000, approximate duration 4.5 hours, landing 1430. There will be a missed approach during this flight. Power and access after the flight will be from the time GV is in the hangar until 1700, preparation for RF06 on the following day.

Tuesday 4/29: maintenance day, access 0800 - 1730.

  • Status update: UDP data feeds fixed from NO-NOy-FastO3. Added UDP from PANTHER via extra hub. Fixed serial data feed from NOAA ozone. MTP is repairing power circuits to prevent over-current situation, will run overnight and may be ready for installation during pre-flight on Wednesday.


Monday 4/28: RF04, Stratospheric intrusion over the Central U.S. Hands-on 0630, takeoff 0900, diration 7.5-8 hours.

Sunday 4/27: Maintenance day, access 0800 - 1730 or until the last instrument team is finished, whichever comes first.

Saturday 4/26: Maintenance day, power and access 0800 - 1600

Friday 4/25: Hard down day, no power or access to the GV, no GV support staff on site. There will still be a forecast discussion using GoToMeeting and teleconferencing.

Thursday 4/24: RF03, SSE-NNW Survey flight. Hands-on at 0630, takeoff at 0900, duration 7.5 hours (approximate). Instrumentation teams meeting at 11 am in the RMMA conference room, agenda - discussion of data quality and ways to improve reporting of quality issues and readiness. No forecast meeting at 2 pm.

Wednesday 4/23: Maintenance day, 0800-1600. If extended access is necessary contact Pavel before 1500 to arrange for support.