NAME Data Policy
  1. All investigators participating in NAME must agree to promptly submit their processed data to the NAME Archive to facilitate intercomparison of results, quality control checks and inter-calibrations, and an integrated interpretation of the combined data set.
  2. All data shall be promptly provided to other NAME investigators upon request. A list of NAME investigators will be maintained by the NCAR/EOL NAME Team and will include the principle investigators directly participating in the field experiment and the modelers who have provided guidance in the planning of NAME activities.
  3. During the initial data analysis period (one year after the data were collected), no data may be provided to a third party (journal articles, presentations, research proposals, other investigators) without the consent of the investigator who collected the data. This initial analysis period is designed to provide an opportunity to adequately quality control the combined data set.
  4. It is the intent of the NCAR/EOL NAME team that all data will be considered public domain one year following the end of the NAME field experiment and that any use of the data will include either acknowledgment or co-authorship at the discretion of the investigator who collected the data.