MPD Request Guidance

The MicroPulse DIAL (MPD) is a compact, field-deployable, eye-safe lidar. The instrument provides continuous monitoring of water vapor in the lower troposphere at 150 m range resolution and 5 min temporal resolution from 300 m above ground level to 4 km (or cloud base, whichever comes first) in daytime operation with greater range at night.

Configuration: Ground-based, fixed, vertical pointing
Number of available systems: 3

MPD Operations Requirements
Access to 3 kVA of commercial power
(110/120V or 220/240V; 60Hz or 50Hz)
Site Access:
Roads passable in wet/dry conditions for trucks delivering equipment
Site passable by 450kg capable forklift (move unit from truck transport)
Unit should be placed in a secure location (preferably fenced)
Equipment rentals required:
Forklift for setup and teardown (suitable for terrain, e.g., 4WD)
Site requirements:
Container size approximately 1m x 2m x 2m 
Needs flat square area 5 m on each side
Hard level surface (e.g., gravel available to level site)
Dry conditions needed to allow set-up and teardown
Clear sky conditions needed for final alignment
Siting on leeward side of an adjacent structure/building preferred
Minimum of 3G required, with 4G needed for 'real-time' operations
Operation and licensing:
System transmits class 1M invisible radiation
Eye-safe & no visual interference effects
Regulation and permissions may apply


Please note that the MPD is currently not part of the suite of NSF Lower Atmosphere Observing Facilities, i.e., deployment costs will have to be negotiated with the cognizant NSF Program Officer.