Misc. Reports
  • WMO- No. 390  -  The Atlantic Tropical Experiment - GATE (GARP Atlantic Tropical Experiment)
  • Report of the International Workshop on the GATE Equatorial Experiment : Miami, 28 Feb. to 10 March 1977.
  • On the Brazilian GATE (GARP Atlantic tropical experiment) programme / by Afrânio Rubens de Mesquita.  São Paulo : Instituto Oceanográfico, Universidade de São Paulo, 1988.
  • A preliminary report on GATE biological oceanography programs. National Research Council (U.S.). Ocean Science Committee. 
  • Salinity intercomparison report : the oceanographic sub-programme for the GARP Atlantic Tropical Experiment (GATE) / Robert J. Farland. [Geneva. Switzerland : World Meteorological Organization, 1976]
  • Tropospheric radiative divergence during phase III of the GARP Atlantic Tropical Experiment (GATE) / by Stephen K. Cox and Keith T. Griffith. Fort Collins, Colo. : Dept. of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University, 1978.
  • Hourly synchronous meteorological satellite -1 (SMS-1) data collected during the GARP Atlantic Tropical Experiment (GATE) earth located edited data set / by Eric A. Smith [and] Thomas H. Vonder Haar. Fort Collins, Colo. : Colorado State University, 1976.
  • Physical oceanography of the tropical Atlantic during GATE / editors, Walter Düing, Feodor Ostapoff, Jacques Merle ; prepared by Valery Lee. [Coral Gables, Fla.] : Global Atmospheric Research Program (GARP), Atlantic Tropical Experiment, University of Miami, 1980.
  • Summary of GATE Phase 1 - 17 July 1974