List of variables available in START08 data files
ACINS IRS Vertical Acceleration
ACINS_IRS2 IRS Vertical Acceleration
ADIFR Vertical Differential Pressure, Radome
AKRD Attack Angle, Radome Diff. Pressure
ALT_G Avionics GPS Altitude (MSL)
AQRATIO Al's Fudge Factor
ATC Loose Coupled output of RHOUV and RHODT
ATFR Ambient Temperature, Radome
ATHR1 Ambient Temperature, Deiced Right
ATHR2 Ambient Temperature, Deiced Right
ATX Ambient Temperature, Reference
AT_A ADC Ambient Air Temperature
BDIFR Horizontal Differential Pressure, Radome
BLATA IRS Body Latitudal Acceleration
BLATA_IRS2 IRS Body Latitudal Acceleration
BLONGA IRS Body Longitudal Acceleration
BLONGA_IRS2 IRS Body Longitudal Acceleration
BNORMA IRS Body Normal Acceleration
BNORMA_IRS2 IRS Body Normal Acceleration
CAS_A ADC Computed Air Speed
CNTS_WCN WCN Accumulated Particle Counts
COMR_AL Carbon Monoxide Mixing Ratio
CONC1DC_LWO 2D-C Concentration, 260X Emulation (all cells)
CONC2C_LWO 2D-C Concentration
CONC2DC_LWO 2D-C Concentraton, Reconstruction (all cells)
CONCD_LWI CDP Concentration (all cells)
CONCN_WCN Condensation Nuclei (CN) Concentration
CORAW_AL Raw CO Signal
DBAR1DC_LWO 2D-C Mean Particle Diameter, 260X Emulation
DBAR2DC_LWO 2D-C Mean Particle Diameter, Reconstruction
DBARD_LWI CDP Mean Particle Diameter
DBZ1DC_LWO 2D-C Calculated Reflectivity, 260X Emulation
DBZ2DC_LWO 2D-C Calculated Reflectivity, Reconstruction
DBZD_LWI CDP Calculated Reflectivity
DKL_MC Zero Level, TDL Long Path
DKS_MC Zero Level, TDL Short Path
DPLC Dew Point Temperature, T-Electric Left
DPLS Dew/Frost Point Temperature, Fuselage Left
DPRC Dew Point Temperature, T-Electric Right
DPRS Dew/Frost Point Temperature, Fuselage Right
DPXC Dew Point Temperature, Reference
DP_VXL VCSEL Frost Dew Point
DRFTA IRS Drift Angle
DRFTA_IRS2 IRS Drift Angle
DT1DC_LWO Fast 2DC Probe Dead Time
DT2DC_LWO Fast 2DC Probe Dead Time
EDPC Ambient Water Vapor Pressure, Reference
ETCN_WCN WCN Sample Time (Elapsed Time)
FCNC_WCN WCN Sample Flow Rate
FSHCN_WCN WCN Sheath Flow Rate
FTCN_WCN WCN Total Flow Rate
GGALT Reference GPS Altitude (MSL)
GGLAT Reference GPS Latitude
GGLON Reference GPS Longitude
GGNSAT Reference GPS number of satellites tracked
GGSPD Reference GPS Ground Speed
GGTRK Reference GPS Track Angle
GGVEW Reference GPS Ground Speed Vector, East Component
GGVNS Reference GPS Ground Speed Vector, North Component
GSF IRS Aircraft Ground Speed
H2OMR_GMD NOAA UCATS Water Vapor Mixing Ratio
IAS Indicated Airspeed
LAT IRS Latitude
LATC GPS-Corrected Inertial Latitude
LON IRS Longitude
LONC GPS-Corrected Inertial Longitude
MACH_A ADC Mach Number
MEDCO2 Medusa CO2
MR Mixing Ratio, T-Electric
NOYO3_CL NOY to O3 Ratio
NOY_CL NOY Mixing Ratio
NO_CL NO Mixing Ratio
O3MR_CL O3 Mixing Ratio
O3MR_CSD NOAA O3 Ozone Mixing Ratio
O3MR_GMD NOAA UCATS Ozone Mixing Ratio
ONE Constant value of 1.
PACN_WCN WCN Absolute Pressure
PALT NACA Pressure Altitude
PALTF NACA Pressure Altitude
PALT_A ADC Pressure Altitude
PCAB Interior Cabin Static Pressure
PCN_WCN WCN Absolute Pressure
PDUMPPL Pressure of instrument exhaust duct, left
PDUMPPR Pressure of instrument exhaust duct, right
PITCH IRS Aircraft Pitch Angle
PITCH_IRS2 IRS Aircraft Pitch Angle
PLWC Raw PMS-King Liquid Water Content Output
PLWC1DC_LWO 2D-C Water/Ice Content, 260X Emulation
PLWC2DC_LWO 2D-C Water/Ice Content, Reconstruction
PLWCC Corrected PMS-King Liquid Water Content
PLWCD_LWI CDP Water/Ice Content
PSF Raw Static Pressure, Fuselage
PSFC Corrected Static Pressure, Fuselage
PSX Raw Static Pressure, Reference
PSXC Corrected Static Pressure, Reference
PS_A ADC Static Pressure
PS_CSD NOAA O3 Ambiant Pressure
PS_VXL VCSEL Ambient Pressure
PT_A ADC Total Pressure
PWRL_MC Laser Power, TDL Long Path
PWRS_MC Laser Power, TDL Short Path
QCF Raw Dynamic Pressure, Fuselage
QCFC Corrected Dynamic Pressure, Fuselage
QCR Raw Dynamic Pressure, Radome
QCRC Corrected Dynamic Pressure, Radome
QCX Raw Dynamic Pressure, Reference
QCXC Corrected Dynamic Pressure, Reference
QC_A ADC Impact Pressure
REJAT_LWI CDP Average Transit Rejected Particles
REJDOF_LWI CDP Particles Rejected (Outside Depth-of-Field))
RHODR Absolute Humidity, T-Electric Right
RHUM Relative Humidity
RICE Raw Icing-Rate Indicator
ROLL IRS Aircraft Roll Angle
ROLL_IRS2 IRS Aircraft Roll Angle
RPCN_WCN WCN Raw Photometric Value
SETTMP_VXL VCSEL Set Temperature
SFLCN_WCN WCN Status Flags
SHDORC_LWO Fast 2DC Shadow OR Count
SSLIP Sideslip Angle, Reference
SSRD Sideslip Angle, Radome Diff. Pressure
TASF Aircraft True Airspeed, Fuselage
TASHC Aircraft True Airspeed, Humidity Corrected
TASR Aircraft True Airspeed, Radome
TASX Aircraft True Airspeed, Reference
TAS_A ADC True Air Speed
TCAB Cabin Temperature at AEROSOL Rack Location
TCC_VXL VCSEL Thermoelectric Cooler Current
TCELLS_MC Sample Cell Temperature, TDL Short Path
TGCN_WCN WCN Growth Tube Temperature
THDG IRS Aircraft True Heading Angle
THDG_IRS2 IRS Aircraft True Heading Angle
THETA Potential Temperature
THETAE Equivalent Potential Temperature
THETAV Virtual Potential Temperature
THIML1 HIML Tip Temperature
TKAT IRS Aircraft Track Angle
TKAT_G Avionics GPS Track Angle
TTC Loose Coupled Output of
TTFR Total Temperature, Deiced Left
TTHR1 Total Temperature, Deiced Right
TTHR1C Corrected Total Temperature, Deiced Right
TTHR2 Total Temperature, Deiced Right
TTHR2C Corrected Total Temperature, Deiced Right
TTX Total Temperature, Reference
TT_A ADC Total Air Temperature
Time time of measurement
UI Wind Vector, East Component
UIC GPS-Corrected Wind Vector, East Component
UX Wind Vector, Longitudinal Component
UXC GPS-Corrected Wind Vector, Longitudinal Component
VEW IRS Ground Speed Vector, East Component
VEWC GPS-Corrected Inertial Ground Speed Vector, East Component
VEW_G Avionics GPS Ground Speed Vector, East Component
VEW_IRS2 IRS Ground Speed Vector, East Component
VI Wind Vector, North Component
VIC GPS-Corrected Wind Vector, North Component
VNS IRS Ground Speed Vector, North Component
VNSC GPS-Corrected Inertial Ground Speed Vector, North Component
VNS_G Avionics GPS Ground Speed Vector, North Component
VSPD IRS Vertical Speed
VSPD_G Avionics GPS Vertical Velocity
VY Wind Vector, Lateral Component
VYC GPS-Corrected Wind Vector, Lateral Component
WD Horizontal Wind Direction
WDC GPS-Corrected Horizontal Wind Direction
WI Wind Vector, Vertical Gust Component
WIC GPS-Corrected Wind Vector, Vertical Gust Component
WP3 Damped Aircraft Vertical Velocity
WS Horizontal Wind Speed
WSC GPS-Corrected Horizontal Wind Speed
XMACH2 Aircraft Mach Number Squared
ZERO Constant value of 0