NCAR / EOL deployed an ISS (Integrated Sounding System) to Illinois for the SAVANT (Stable Air Variability and Transport) Field Campaign, 15 September - 15 November 2018.  The ISS was deployed over two locations and consisted of the following equipment:

Homestead site (ISS1)

 Location  40° 13' 32" N, 88° 27' 43" W, alt: 239m
 Radar Wind Profiler  NCAR/EOL 449 MHz Modular Wind Profiler
 Soundings  Vaisala MW41 / RS 41 radiosondes
 Surface Met  Gill Wind Observer (2D sonic) at 10m

 NCAR/EOL ISFS Temperature/RH at 2m

 Lufft WS300 (Temp/RH/Pressure) at 2m

 Vaisala PTB210 (Pressure) at 2m

 Hukseflux NR01 4-component radiation at 1m

 HSA Tipping bucket rain gauge


Farm Field site (ISS2)

 Location  40° 12' 37" N, 88° 24' 43" W, alt: 229m
 Sodar-RASS  Metek DSDPA.90-24 (wind, virtual temperature)
 Ceilometer  Vaisala CL51 (cloud base and backscatter layers)
 Surface Met  Lufft WS800 (Temp/RH/pressure/winds/rain,radiation) at 3m

 Vaisala PTB210 (Pressure) at 2m
 Camera  Moonglow Technologies All Sky Cam ASC-N1



William Brown